Sprig Ludens


Forest School Nursery


Forest School enables young people to enjoy their learning process, develop naturally at their own pace, and to offer guided learning experiences that instil a sense of self-esteem, achievement and reinforce a sense of value while gaining skills for later life. Nature becomes an integral part of the education as children get to experience, discover and learn through outdoor play.


The Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) is embedded in all activities and learning areas, strengthened by a play-based, Forest School approach. Forest School is the primary approach used by the Early Years team at Sprig Ludens and is strengthen by a Playwork perspective – that considers the playing child in play as a learning opportunity unto itself. It is the role of the Forest School leaders and Playworkers to provide a stimulating, safe and thoroughly enjoyable play and learning environment that enables chance, discovery and experimentation, at every opportunity. An environment rich in natural resources and full of opportunities to leverage, change and build on past learning experiences, personally and as a group.

OPEN: Monday to Friday, full day: 8AM – 6PM
AGES: 2 – 4
COST: £65

For more info please contact john@syct.org.uk:8888/SYCT/ to arrange a visit.