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Juniors & Inters Club


Juniors & Inters Club

The Juniors and Inters Club is shared with all ages from the Juniors Club and the lower half of the Inters Club. The older children in the Inters Club participate with the seniors.

Juniors & Inters Club​

There are various activities on offer for the members such as painting, drawing and clay modelling in the art room. Football, benchball, basketball and team sports in the main hall. Playstation and discussions in the lounge area, cooking in the kitchen.

As well as in-club activities, the members are taken on trips to places such as bowling, the cinema and the theatre.

Streatham Youth Centre offers a very friendly and warm atmosphere among staff and members of the Juniors and Inters Club and members are always encouraged to help plan and actively participate in the programme. The club takes place at the Conyers Road Site.


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