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Support Our Urgent Appeal

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Approximately 300 of our members are experiencing mental and physical health stress during the COVID-19 lock down. This appeal will enable us to provide online support via chats, one to one counselling and keep fit activities. It will also enable us to provide hot lunches to our members and their families which will be delivered by staff and volunteers. Due to a loss of rental income, our income has declined significantly. If we are to continue to offer services we need your support.

How the funding will be spent

We need to raise a total of £2,300 to provide online activities and hot lunches. The finances for the appeal are broken down as following: £1,220 for front line costs, £500 for food/lunch ingredients, £160 for gloves/masks, £160 for volunteer costs, £260 for overheads.

How this will benefit the community

We are aiming to support the mental and physical health of our members and their families who would otherwise suffer disproportionally during this lock down as they have limited social and recreational opportunities.

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